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One highly-effective way to turn a typical, boring strategic planning meeting into one that stimulates both minds and business is by introducing alternatives to traditional strategic thinking exercises. This will help your strategy meeting avoid hitting a strategic rut.

Start your strategy planning changes by shaking up the traditional SWOT exercise that attempts to detail your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

In the Brainzooming strategy eBook, "Reimagining the SWOT Analysis," you'll learn 11 ways to engage your strategy team through:

  • Using easy equations as you develop actionable insights into opportunities and threats
  • Adding an extra O to your SWOT to create an all-new SWOOT analysis
  • Introducing an unexpected and bolder SWOT to push your thinking in new ways
This Brainzooming eBook reveals multiple approaches to generate fresh insights and turn the tired old SWOT into a fresh and imaginative strategic thinking activity. 

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