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Strategy for Success:
Strategic Planning Made Simple 

Strategy for Success: Strategic Planning Made Simple brings you hundreds of real-world learnings, tools, and tips we use with Brainzooming clients to streamline strategy and create effective strategic plans that you can put into action right away.

Brainzooming Labs has created this easy-to-use resource so you can eliminate the trial-and-error and quickly implement an innovative approach to strategy. The result is that you and your organization will develop winning strategies faster and more effectively than you have ever imagined.

Strategy for Success: Strategic Planning Made Simple offers multiple paths to share and reinforce actionable lessons for improving strategy and results:
  • Targeted Video Lessons: Go behind the scenes and learn Brainzooming techniques via 8-12 minute video lessons that make learning focused and efficient.
  • Downloadable Guides: You’ll work directly with the simple tools and proven tips in each video through individual lab books featuring all the easy-to-use templates in the course. 
  • Turn-Key Exercises: These activities will effectively engage your organization, accelerate planning, and fast-track implementation.

Select the Strategy for Success course that matches your aspirations and role:

Strategy Owner
If you need to put together a strategic plan, these 11 modules will show you how to easily and efficiently translate your company's direction into innovative, actionable strategy that you can start implementing right away.
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Enterprise Strategist
If you are responsible for the strategy process at your organization, you'll want all the modules of Strategy Owner plus 11 additional modules that teach techniques to streamline the strategy process, explore innovative strategies from diverse perspectives, and tackle the biggest challenges to successful implementation.
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Enterprise Strategist 1:1 
If you are responsible for strategy at your organization and you want personal guidance, you need all 22-modules paired with one-on-one collaboration from Brainzooming to transform strategy at your organization.
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