Our clients tend to be amazed by Blast! But don't just take our word for it.
(Take theirs.)


"I feel like I finally heard people's true thoughts."

"Blast! makes sure there is equity in our voices—all can contribute."

“Um, this is SUPER FUN.”

"Nice not have to hem and haw on video."

"This was a completely new format of a meeting and it was very easy."

"Great way to contribute individually. Anonymity allowed me to say things (respectfully) that are sometimes difficult to raise in person."

"So many ideas shared anonymously in such a short time. This could not have been accomplished live."

"I continue to be impressed with the quality of information that can be obtained so quickly...and I love the way it lets everyone participate equally."

"This is effective because there is a clear objective. Our periodic innovation calls with our leader typically regurgitate the preceding call and have mostly been redundant and yielded no benefit to me."

"I am all onboard. I could probably do your sales pitch for you!"

"People are willing to share because it is confidential, no one feels like they will get ignored or told their idea can't work...fast and fun event."

"Everyone put down what they were thinking instead of not speaking up."

“I was surprised by the ability to share authentic thoughts and by
not having to have a 100% fully complete idea.”

“I figured it would feel like a meeting, but it was interactive and creative.”

“Oh my gosh! This is so simple, I’m not sure what to do with myself!”

"Nice to be able to give ideas without fear of sounding like an idiot AND
without the pressure of trying to sound like 'the smartest guy in the room'."

"I thought this was amazingly productive vs an in-person meeting. I would recommend it highly."

"Typing means you are not talking over one another."

"Impressed with the number of responses and diversity of ideas."

"We were free to communicate without peer pressure."

"I feel that people who wouldn't share their ideas in a meeting were given a platform to express themselves."

"Totally want to do this again."

"This was absolutely great for fielding information. I would use this ALL THE TIME myself."

"I would never share my opinions openly if they were not anonymous."

Can't imagine saying those kinds of things
about team collaboration? Neither could we.
But it's completely within reach, with Blast!

So whether your team is online, in person, or a little of each, they'll find Blast quick, simple, and the perfect vehicle for creating amazing results. There’s no software to download. And it all gets done in 30 minutes.

(Yes, it's that simple.)

Blast! is the tool for getting things done in this newly hybrid world. Are you ready?