The Outsiders

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The New Person

The Challenge with the Outsiders:

Some people feel they don’t have anything to contribute, and so they must stay out of the strategy planning and innovation fray. The truth is that these people represent a valuable opportunity. Their fresh eyes can provide feedback and input that will be vastly different from that of the people who live and breathe strategy and innovation, potentially creating excellent new possibilities for your organization.

The Blast! Antidote:

Blast! collaborations employ questions that are accessible to strategy experts and newbies alike. Plus, the opportunity to respond anonymously allows them to move from Switzerland and fire a few shots over the bows of other difficult thinkers.

Turn Your Meetings into a Blast!

Yes, there’s a Blast! for everyone in the WOMHOF! Want to change the experience and productivity of your most important meetings? Let's talk about how Blast! will turn your most challenging participants into meeting superstars—whether online, in-person, or whichever hybrid combination is happening this week.