The Pushy Ones

The Pushy Ones

VP of Sales

Director of Innovation
 Chief Marketing Officer

The Challenge with the Pushy Ones:

Every company has its big thinkers who are pushing for new and bigger ideas. And when everyone else is struggling to keep up with breakthrough thinking, the frustration can become palpable.

The Blast! Antidote:

The best way to generate ideas with the potential to be big? Have a diverse group generate a ton of ideas very quickly by presenting blue-sky thinking along with tighter constraints. You’ll be amazed at the way conventional thinkers are able to stretch their thinking! This is why Blast! Is the big creative thinker’s best friend for pushing incredible ideas with all fun and no frustration. 

Turn Your Meetings into a Blast!

Yes, there’s a Blast! for everyone in the WOMHOF! Want to change the experience and productivity of your most important meetings? Let's talk about how Blast! will turn your most challenging participants into meeting superstars—whether online, in-person, or whichever hybrid combination is happening this week.