Stodgy, Stodgier, and Stodgiest

Stodgy, Stodgier, and Stodgiest

In-the-Box Thinker

Let Me Think On It

The Idea Killer

The Challenge with Stodgy Thinkers:

Having to think too much, too fast, or too hard causes the stodgy ones in a meeting to shut down (at best) or shoot down (at worst) anyone else who is thinking innovatively and imagining all kinds of new possibilities. They’d rather sit back and think by themselves outside the meeting where they feel safer.

The Blast! Antidote:

For the people who want more time to think, review, and react to ideas, we have Orbit. It’s a 24-hour window that follows any 30-minute Blast!, during which participants can review everything on their own time, at their own pace, and comment on all the ideas. Heck, they may even take advantage of the anonymity and solo time to contribute a few ideas of their own.

Turn Your Meetings into a Blast!

Yes, there’s a Blast! for everyone in the WOMHOF! Want to change the experience and productivity of your most important meetings? Let's talk about how Blast! will turn your most challenging participants into meeting superstars—whether online, in-person, or whichever hybrid combination is happening this week.