The Tricky Ones

The Tricky Ones

The Boss

Always or Never  

Hate The Morning

The Challenge with the Tricky Ones:

Whether based on personality, position, or preference (or all three), this group built their careers on being difficult to read, reach, or rely on for constructive input. Put them all into the same meeting, and it’s as if the floor becomes quicksand.

The Blast! Antidote:

It’s vital to reach out to the tricky ones before any group meeting to get a sense of what they think. That’s where your inside team can collaborate on Blast! to identify what you need to learn from each of these characters before any meeting ever begins.

Turn Your Meetings into a Blast!

Yes, there’s a Blast! for everyone in the WOMHOF! Want to change the experience and productivity of your most important meetings? Let's talk about how Blast! will turn your most challenging participants into meeting superstars—whether online, in-person, or whichever hybrid combination is happening this week.